What is silicone tape?

Nice article here on emergencytape.com called “What is silicone tape?” – useful information here about emergency tape too. http://www.emergencytape.com/what-is-silicone-tape/

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Self Fusing Silicone Tape

The original self-fusing silicone tape is still known today amongst aviation professionals as F4 Tape: http://www.f4tape.com/self-fusing-silicone-tape.html

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Silicone Rigging Tape for Boaters and Sailors

Did you know silicone tape is perfect for sailboat rigging? The best rigging tape is one that fuses together permanently and won’t come unraveled in the marine environment. There are many different marine tapes on the market, but silicone Rescue Tape is the top pick for rigging tape applications. You can wrap silicone tape around shrouds and lifelines, cover spreader boot covers, or even use the industrial sized rigging tape as a waterproof mast boot tape. Available in 8 boating colors for your rigging needs, Rescue Tape is the boater’s choice for rigging tape. Buy Rescue Tape and other Rigging Tape and Rigging Tools at http://www.riggingtape.com

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Silicone Tape Manufacturer News

Silicone Tape manufacturer news, information, and links about self-bonding and self-fusing silicone tapes. http://www.squidoo.com/silicone-tape

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Silicone Fixit Tape

Silicone Tape at competitive pricing in a pocket-sized roll is available in our Fix It Tape line at http://www.siliconefixittape.com

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Silicone Tape

Welcome to the silicone tape blog. Silicone Tape is made from a silicone elastomer that has been custom formulated to fuse to itself. With no adhesive, self-fusing silicone tape creates a permanent air-tight and waterproof seal between the layers. Not all silicone tape is equal: The quality leader and worldwide leading manufacturer of silicone tape is Harbor Products, maker of the Rescue Tape brand of self-fusing silicone tape. Visit Harbor Products at http://www.harborproducts.com

Aviation Silicone Tape

Silicone Tape was pioneered in the Aviation community decades ago and was first widely used on the F4 Phantom jet. Commonly referred to as F4 Tape, Strawberry Tape, and other military lingo terms, the new F4 Tape is engineered to significantly exceed the performance and characteristics of the original MIL Spec aviation tape. This new and improved formula fuses quicker and doesn’t come unravelled, and boasts an incredible 950 PSI tensile strength, making it the fastest-fusing and strongest tape available on the market today. Learn more about F4 Silicone Tape at http://www.f4tape.com

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